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Video 13.1: Teen in “Slenderman” Stabbing Will Plead Guilty, Lawyer Says
Description: A second Wisconsin teenager accused of stabbing a classmate to please the fictional Internet bogeyman Slenderman has accepted a plea deal, her attorney said Friday.

Video 13.2: Juvenile Court and Young Killers
Description: One man was tried as a juvenile for committing a murder, while two others were tried as adults. The man tried as a juvenile is now free, while the men tried as adults remain in prison. They tell their stories here.

Audio 13.1: New York Approves Reforms to Keep Juvenile Offenders Out of Adult Prisons
Description: New York State has approved reforms that will keep thousands of teenagers out of adult courts and adult correctional facilities.

Audio 13.2: An Investigation Into Juvenile Life Without Parole
Description: Mandatory life without parole for juveniles in murder cases has been banned for five years. But an Associated Press investigation revealed that the ban has been enforced unevenly across the country.