Multimedia Resources

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Video 3.1: Eastern State Penitentiary
Description: Nick Gillette gave a tour the world’s first “penitentiary,” opened in 1829 by the state of Pennsylvania. The prison was a new experiment in reform of criminals and was copied all over the world. After many years of decay and security problems, the prison was closed in 1971 and became museum

Video 3.2: The Electric Chair: An Experiment Born in Auburn
Description: New York state is marking an anniversary this year at a Central New York prison. Bill Carey says Auburn prison became home to the nation’s first electric chair 125 years ago this summer.

Audio 3.1: This Week on the Call in: Criminal Justice Reform
Description: We examine criminal justice reform and drug sentencing. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors to impose the most serious charges for drug offenses.

Audio 3.2: Justice Department Announces New Package of Federal Prison Reforms
Description: Justice Department officials announced a package of federal prison reforms intended to better prepare inmates for a safe return to their communities.