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Video 4.1: How Much Training Do NC Prison Officers Get? You’re Kicked Out to the Wolves
Description: Training for new prison correctional officers, including defensive techniques classes at the Samarcand Training Center in Jackson Springs, NC, and firearms training at the Morrison shooting range in Hoffman, NC.

Video 4.2: In the Gay Wing of L.A. Men’s Central Jail, It’s Not Shanks and Muggings But Hand-Sewn Gowns and Tears
Description: Subculture in Los Angeles’ Men’s Central Jail.

Audio 4.1: Rikers Island Corrections Officer Stands Trial for Inmate’s Death
Description: A New York City corrections officer is on trial in federal court, charged with violating the civil rights of a mentally ill Rikers Island inmate who died after swallowing a packet of detergent used to clean jail cells.

Audio 4.2: NYC Correction Officers’ Union Head Charged in Corruption Probe
Description: The head of the New York City corrections officers union was arrested Wednesday on corruption charges. It’s the latest development in a probe of alleged corruption inside the NYPD and City Hall.