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Video 10.1: His Charges Were Dismissed, But He’s Still in Prison. Why Tennessee’s Parole Board Says He Will Stay for Now
Description: Robert Polk was released from a Tennessee prison the night before Thanksgiving. He had been held there for two years on false allegations that led to his parole in a drug-dealing case being revoked.

Video 10.2: How Gov. Doug Ducey Is Hoping to Offer More Prisoners “A Real Second Chance”
Description: Gov. Doug Ducey is asking for a half-million dollars to expand a prisoner re-entry center, as offenders say the program is crucial to keeping them clean and on the right track.

Audio 10.1: Indiana Begins Hiring Ex-Inmates and Students to Fill Jobs
Description: Northern Indiana has an unemployment rate of about 2%, making it difficult for employers to find workers. This has led to creative solutions like recruiting kids in eighth grade and a re-entry program for ex-inmates.

Audio 10.2: O.J. Simpson Granted Parole from Prison by Nevada Board
Description: NPR’s Robert Siegel talks with Josh Peter, a reporter for USA Today, about O.J. Simpson being granted parole from prison on Thursday after he served nearly nine years for armed robbery and other charges.