Corrections: A Text/Reader

Welcome to the SAGE edge site for Corrections: A Text/Reader, Third Edition.

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The Third Edition of Corrections: A Text/Reader provides students with the best of both worlds—a brief authored text accompanied by carefully selected and edited readings. Clear explanations of all of the major course topics help students understand the impact of new directions and policy in corrections. Policy-oriented original research articles demonstrate how research drives these advances. Designed throughout to enhance understanding, the book includes a helpful "How to Read a Research Article" section before the first reading, as well as article introductions, photographs, and discussion questions that capture students’ interest and help them develop their critical thinking skills.


We gratefully acknowledge Mary K. Stohr, Anthony Walsh, and Craig Hemmens for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Alicia Fisher and Marianne Hudson for developing the ancillaries on this site.