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Video 16.1: Arizona Woman Sentenced to Death in Murder of Girl Locked in Hot Box
Description: In the end, the jurors felt they had no choice but to sentence Sammanthaaa Allen to death for the brutal 2011 murder of her 10-year-old cousin, Ame Deal.

Video 16.2: Meet the Youngest US Woman Sitting on Death Row
Description: This video introduces the youngest woman on death row.

Audio 16.1: Death Penalty Debate Heads to Florida’s Supreme Court
Description: Lawyers squared off in a Florida court Wednesday over whether the governor has the right to remove capital cases from a state prosecutor who opposes the death penalty.

Audio 16.2: States Find Other Execution Methods after Difficulties with Lethal Injection
Description: Death penalty laws are on the books in 31 states, but only five carried out executions last year. Now Arkansas is rushing to execute death row inmates at an unprecedented pace this month, before the state’s supply of lethal drugs expires.