Multimedia Resources

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Video 15.1: Inmates in Valley State Prison Learn Traditional Arts for Therapy
Description: Valley State Prison inmates learn traditional arts as a form of therapy at Valley State Prison in Chowchilla, California.

Video 15.2: San Diego Mentally Ill Offenders
Description: San Diego County jails make changes to treat mentally ill inmates, curb suicides

Audio 15.1: The Hidden Discrimination in Criminal Risk-Assessment Scores
Description: NPR’s Kelly McEvers talks with Julia Angwin of ProPublica about a new investigation into risk assessment scores.

Audio 15.2: In 2016, States Expected to Ramp Up Ideas to Solve Opiate Abuse
Description: Addiction will be on the agenda for a lot of state legislatures in the coming year. Overdose deaths related to abuse of prescription opioids and heroin are setting records across the country.