Multimedia Resources

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Video 11.1: Dangers for Female Prison Guards
Description: An investigative video shows that female correctional officers around the country face many threats in the workplace, including at the hands of their co-workers.

Video 11.2: Female Inmate Claims She Was Raped at Missouri Jail by Male Inmates
Description: A female inmate told police she was brutally gang-raped by three men who entered her jail cell in Kansas City, Missouri, with a stolen master key early Friday, according to a local report.

Audio 11.1: Biking Behind Bars
Description: Female inmates battle weight gain.

Audio 11.2: For Female Inmates in New York City, Prison Is a Crowded, Windowless Room
Description: More than a hundred female federal inmates, sentenced to long-term prison, have instead been held for years in two windowless rooms in a detention center in Brooklyn.