Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Andaz Hotel
Description: See how the integration of the Nano Wall system keeps the experience of the guest in mind.
LO 1.1 Describe the key differences between making products and creating experiences for guests.

Video 2: Importance of the Guest Experience
Description: Watch the video to see comments from hospitality managers related to crafting an excellent guest experience.
LO 1.2 Recognize the importance of the guest experience.

Video 3: Guest Expectations of the Future
Description: Watch this video to see what research has targeted as the new guest expectations for the hotel of the future.
LO 1.4 State the importance of meeting the hospitality guest’s expectations.

Video 4: Thomas Keller - Ted Talk on The Reach of a Restaurant
Description: Watch celebrity chef Ted Keller discuss how to put the guest first. (25 min)
LO 1.6 Explain the reasons why “it all starts with the guest.”

Web 1: Three Ps of Success: Property, Place, People
Description: An article that discusses three factors that contribute to creating an unforgettable guest experience.
LO 1.3 Identify the components of the guest experience.