Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Bitner’s Serviscape Model
Description: Example of using Bitner’s Serviscape Model to create a Game of Thrones themed dinner.
LO 3.6 Describe how individual factors moderate or affect the responses of guests to the service environment, according to Bitner’s Servicescape model.

Web 1: How Theme Parks Help to Break New Ground in the Hotel Industry
Description: Forbes article on theming hotels in theme parks.
LO 3.1 Explain how theming the service setting pays off in guest satisfaction.

Web 2: Theming a Cafe
Description: A look at the process of creating a theme in a café setting.
LO 3.2 Discuss why the service setting or service environment is important.

Web 3: Guest Safety and Security
Description: The National Law Review article on the Erin Andrews case highlighting the importance of guest safety and security.
LO 3.4 Discuss why providing a service environment in which guests feel safe and secure is critical.

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