Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Service Failure or Leadership Failure
Description: Listen to Dennis Snow speak about the impact service failure can have on the organizations culture.
LO 13.2 Describe how organizations should respond when the experience fails to meet guest expectations.

Video 2: Word of Mouth
Description: Listen to the discussion relating to service failure as an iceberg and the benefit of actually having customers voice their issues to the organization rather than not.
LO 13.4 Explain why positive word of mouth is so valuable and bad word of mouth so harmful.

Video 3: Five Step Process for Service Recovery
Description: Learn the process one customer service expert describes for handling a customer service crisis.
LO 13.6 State why fixing service failures quickly and fairly—on the spot, if possible—is so important.

Video 4: Service Recovery Story
Description: Jon Picoult tells a story of a personal service recovery he experienced at a Ritz Carlton property. Moral of the story – make your guests feel special.
LO 13.8 Describe how guests evaluate the hospitality organization’s recovery efforts.
LO 13.9 Match the recovery strategy to the failure.

Web 1: Exercises in Practicing Customer Service Failures
Description: Read through and put into practice these exercises to hone your customer service recovery skills.
LO 13.5 Express why the recovery method for handling a service failure is so important.