Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Culture of Care
Description: Listen to how once executive leads by showing care and compassion for his employees.
LO 4.2 Relate a hospitality organization’s culture to service success.

Video 2: Empowering Employees to Bring Ideas
Description: Listen to executives describe the importance and significance of adding your voice and making suggestions to your organization. 
LO 4.5 Explain how the organization communicates its culture to its employees—through laws, language, stories, legends, heroes, symbols, and rituals.

Web 1: Culture and Leadership
Description: Look at some case studies that highlight the importance of leading and culture in hospitality organizations.
LO 4.1 State why the organization’s leaders are so important to defining, developing, teaching, and maintaining its culture through their words and actions.

Web 2: Changing Point of View
Description: Read a Forbes article to see how Hyatt CEO, Mark Hoplamazian works on implementing cultural changes in the organization.
LO 4.6 Describe how the organization can accomplish the difficult task of changing its culture, if that becomes necessary.

Resources Referenced in the Chapter
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