Multimedia Resources

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Web 1: What the Future May Hold
Description: A panelist of industry leaders and professionals discuss some thoughts and ideas about what the industry can do to evolve in the future.
LO 14.2 Identify the challenges leaders of service firms will face in the future.

Web 2: Disruptive Innovation
Description: Read an article on disruptive innovation and watch an example of how it may play a role in hospitality.
LO 14.3 State the importance of innovation and managing change.

Web 3: Emerging Paradigm for Leadership and Management
Description: Read this article for thoughts on the need to blend leadership skills with management skills to foster high performing teams.
LO 14.4 Differentiate between leading and managing.

Web 4: Make Every Guest Feel Like a VIP
Description: Read an article about how some of the top restaurant pros interact with their guest to make an extraordinary guest experience.
LO 14.6 Discuss the reasons why “it all ends with the guest.”