Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, you should be able to

5.1   Explain the importance of staffing for an organization to be able to deliver an exceptional service product.

5.2   Understand why it is critical to study the job before efforts are made to fill it.

5.3   Describe the process of recruiting employees who will give excellent guest service.

5.4   Recognize internal and external recruitment strategies that organizations use.

5.5   Express the importance of a diversified workforce to hospitality organizations.

5.6   Explain the standard approaches and techniques for screening and interviewing job candidates.

5.7   Understand how and why organizations need to balance all of the information gathered in the selection process to hire the right person.

5.8   Explain why organizations need to treat job applicants professionally and with respect, even those they end up not hiring.

5.9   Describe the process of on-boarding and why it is important.

5.10   Discuss why managing turnover is just as important as managing who is hired.