Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: The Hyatt Employment Experience
Description: Watch the video to see into the life of employees at Hyatt.
LO 5.1 Explain the importance of staffing for an organization to be able to deliver an exceptional service product.

Video 2: Diversity in Organizations
Description: Watch a video on the importance diversity plays in the Hilton organization.
LO 5.5 Express the importance of a diversified workforce to hospitality organizations.

Web 1: Recruiting Tools for Hotel Staffing
Description: An overview of tools that can be used for recruiting employees in the hotel industry.
LO 5.3 Describe the process of recruiting employees who will give excellent guest service.

Web 2: Strategic Selection and Staffing of Human Resources in the Hotel Industry
Description: Research article from the Journal of Hotel and Business Management regarding turnover.
LO 5.10 Discuss why managing turnover is just as important as managing who is hired.

Resources Referenced in the Chapter