Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Setting SMART Goals
Description: Watch a short video on how to set SMART goals.
LO 7.5 Describe how setting SMART goals can be a powerful way to motivate employees.

Web 1: Marriott Employees
Description: Read an interview with Bill Marriott in which he speaks of the importance of caring for and listening to employees.
LO 7.1 Discuss how motivating your employees is just as critical as how you select and train them.

Web 2: Tips on Motivation
Description: An article on some tips for keeping hospitality employees motivated.
LO 7.3 Explain how hospitality organizations motivate their employees to provide outstanding guest service.

Web 3: High Performance Teams
Description: An article of the effectiveness of high performance teams.
LO 7.6 Review the role of teams in changing the way work is done and improving organizational effectiveness.

Web 4: Study on Motivation
Description: Read the student research on motivation techniques used in UK restaurants and pubs and the perceived results.
LO 7.7 Relate the importance of fairness and ethical leadership for maintaining employee motivation.