Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Three Strategies for Competitive Advantage
Description: This video describes how to achieve a competitive advantage through cost, differentiation and niche market strategies. Note: You will need to subscribe to for access to the video.
LO 2.1 Distinguish between the three generic strategies for positioning products and services.

Web 1: External and Internal Environmental Assessment
Description: This is a student assessment of the Manor House Country Club Hotel using qualitative tools for analysis.
LO 2.3 Identify the key external and internal factors that must be examined for successful planning.
LO 2.4 Recognize the quantitative and qualitative tools used for forecasting in the hospitality environment—external and internal.

Web 2: Core Competencies
Description: Document outlining competencies and competency builders in key areas of hotel industry.
LO 2.5 Describe the process to determine core competencies.

Web 3: Restaurant Mission Statements
Description: Read mission statements from well-known restaurants. Do these follow the three elements of mission statements: what do you do? Who do you do it for? How or where do you do it?
LO 2.6 Describe the importance of a mission and vision statement in focusing the strategic plan on the best way to fit core competencies with strategic premises.

Web 4: Service Strategy
Description: An article briefly highlighting some important concepts in developing your service strategy.
LO 2.9 Recognize the value added to the planning process by including those affected by the plans.

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