Multimedia Resources

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Web 1: Employment Training
Description: Read an article on the significance of employment training in the hospitality industry.
LO 6.1 Explain the importance of training and development to hospitality organizations.

Web 2: Importance of Training
Description: An article highlighting the consequences of failing to incorporate training into the hospitality industry.
LO 6.2 Evaluate the need for training.

Web 3: Trends in Training
Description: Read an article on newer training trends in the hospitality market.
LO 6.4 Describe the types of training.

Web 4: Return on Investment
Description: Read an article highlighting the importance of measure the return on investment of training programs.
LO 6.6 Discuss the methods used by hospitality organizations to measure the effectiveness of training.

Web 5: Investing in the Future
Description: Read about a youth training program launched by Hyatt to train and educate future hospitality employees.
LO 6.7 Explain the importance of training in long-term development.