Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Using a Service Blueprint
Description: Watch a video on application of a service blueprint in a salon. How would you implement this in a hospitality organization?
LO 10.3 Demonstrate how to design a delivery system using several methods, such as flow-charting, blueprinting, the universal service map, and PERT/CPM.

Web 1: Workplace Hospitality
Description: An article on how workplace food service has been redesigned to add value for workers.
LO 10.2 Describe how organizations plan, design, analyze, and check the hospitality organization’s service delivery system.

Web 2: Simple Poka-Yoke in Hotel
Description: A simple example of use of a poka-yoke in a hotel.
LO 10.4 Explain how to use fishbone analysis, poka-yokes, and other methods to locate the source of problems and prevent their occurrence or reoccurrence.