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  • Youth Crime Rate Nearing Adult Crime Rate
    Reporters discuss the increase in crime rate among juveniles has spiked in Sioux Falls.
  • How We Cut Youth Violence in Boston by 79 Percent
    An architect of the “Boston miracle,” Rev. Jeffrey Brown started out as a bewildered young pastor watching his Boston neighborhood fall apart around him, as drugs and gang violence took hold of the kids on the streets. The first step to recovery: Listen to those kids, don’t just preach to them, and help them reduce violence in their own neighborhoods. It’s a powerful talk about listening to make change.
  • Jacksonville Mayor, DCPS Superintendent to Meet about Youth Crime
    Due to increase in crime, Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry plans to meet with Duval County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nikolai Vitti to talk about how they can collaborate to reduce youth crime and violence.