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Journal Article 1: Interpreting Organizational Culture

Glaser, S. R., Zamanou, S., & Hacker, K. (1987). Measuring and interpreting organizational culture. Management Communication Quarterly1, 173–198.

Abstract: This article offers a triangulation approach to the study of organizational culture by employing reliably coded interviews to help interpret and place in context the results of statistical analyses from a standardized survey questionnaire. Subjects were 195 government employees representing every level and division in their department. All 195 subjects completed the Organizational Culture Survey and 91 subjects participated in 45-min critical incident interviews designed to elicit subjects’ interpretations of organizational events. From the analyses of these data emerges a description of the organization's culture.

Journal Article 2: Organizational Climate

Moran, E. T., & Fredericks Volkwein, J. (1992). The cultural approach to the formation of organizational climate. Human Relations45, 19–47.

Abstract: This paper examines approaches to the formation of organizational climate. Three perspectives appearing in the literature the structural, the perceptual, and the interactive are identified and examined. Additionally, a perspective termed the “cultural approach” is developed. This approach posits that organizational climate arises from the intersubjectivity of members as they interact within a context established by an organization’s culture. A definition of organizational climate, informed by this approach, is presented. Finally, distinctions between organizational climate and organizational culture are examined.