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Video Links

Video 1: How Social Media Shapes Identity--Ulrike Schultze--TEDxSMU

Description: Chapter 2 focuses on the development of identity. In this presentation, Dr. Schultze addresses the following question: “How are social media shaping our identities?”. After watching the video, reflect on the ways that social media shapes your identity.

Video 2: Defining Your Identity (Part 1): Amy Walker at TEDxPhoenixville

Video 3: Expanding Your Identity (Part 2): Amy Walker at TEDxPhoenixville

Video 4: Embodying Your Potential (Part 3): Amy Walker at TEDxPhoenixville

Description: Chapter 2 focuses on how you communicate identity. Watch this three-part series of defining, expanding, and embodying your identity. How do concepts of identity, perception, and self-esteem impact the process of reaching your identity potential?

Video 5: Identity--Short Film

Description: In Chapter 2, you learned about self-presentation and identity. Watch the following award-winning short film on a young female’s identity issues given her poor relationships at school. How can this young female manage her identity given the strategies offered by this chapter?