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Video 1: Building Attunement and Gender Equality: Strengthening Relational Processes for Couples

Description: In this lecture, Dr. Naveen Jonathan discusses the egalitarian process in gender roles in heterosexual and non-heterosexual relationships. From his perspective, he argues that partners prefer egalitarian marriages rather than traditional marriages. What factors might contribute to this attitude in romantic relationships?

Video 2: How to Train Employees to have Difficult Conversations--Tamekia MizLadi Smith--TED

Description: Smith shares a workplace training program called “I’m GRACED” that will inspire bosses and employees alike to communicate with compassion and respect. The main point is that one should always let people know that their work matters.

Video 3: The Next Revolution in Health Care? Empathy--Paul Rosen--TEDxWilmington

Description: Paul Rosen discusses communication and patient experiences in medical care and how that can be improved for the sake of the patients.