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Written in a conversational style and presented in an innovative handbook format, The Interpersonal Communication Playbook, 1st Edition puts students at the center of interpersonal communication. To help them become better, more successful communicators, Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael W. Gamble give students the tools they need to develop and practice effective communication skills. Gamble and Gamble guide students to critically reflect on their own communication patterns and actively apply relevant theory to develop and maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, and co-workers.

The Interpersonal Communication Playbook is divided into four main parts (Foundations, Messages, Dynamics, and Relationships in Context) and explores an array of communication settings—including family, workplace, and health. Pedagogical features, including chapter-opening self-assessments, pop culture examples, narratives, and discussion questions, focus on how students connect with others and how they can do it better.


We gratefully acknowledge Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael W. Gamble for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Larry Edmonds of Arizona State University, Thomas Wright of Temple University, Leslie Ramos Salazar of West Texas A&M University, and Hailey Gillen Hoke of Weber State University for developing the ancillaries on this site.