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Video Links

Video 1: Interpersonal Communication in the Future World--Celine Fitzgerald--TEDxCarletonUniversity

Description: In this TED video, Celine Fitzgerald discusses interpersonal communication and the implications of what happens when face-to-face nonverbal cues are missing in computer-mediated contexts. How can socializing online with limited nonverbal cues make someone feel lonely and stressed?

Video 2: Connect or Die: The Surprising Power of Human Relationships--Dr. Starla Fitch--TEDxFargo

Description: Chapter 1 introduces you to the concept of interpersonal communication and interpersonal relationships. Dr. Fitch discusses her relationships with her patients using the metaphor of the “cataracts,” which interfere with our ability to see our relationships clearly. How can developing human relationships empower you to connect deeply with other people? She argues that we can choose to either connect or die. Do you agree or disagree with her argument?

Video 3: Carlsberg Stunts with Bikers in Cinema

Description: In this commercial, movie patrons enter a movie theater that is filled with bikers. There are only two vacant seats. Some people choose to sit down. Others leave. It focuses on expectations and perceptions.