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Video 1: Avoid Avoiding Conflict--David Thornsen, PsyD--TEDxMuskegon

Description: In this TED talk, Dr. David Thornsen challenges us to “avoid” avoiding conflict in our relationships. Avoidance is a common conflict style that emerges in close relationships. What communicative strategies would you try during a conflict with someone who typically avoids conflict?

Video 2: How to Talk to Your Dad: Turning Conflict into Conversation--Madeline Poultridge--TEDxOlympia

Description: Madeline Poultridge provides her perspective on how to engage in constructive conflict with one’s parents about issues that one cares about. In this TED talk, she shares how her fights were not always effective, but she discovered mediation skills that helped her to become more effective during conflictual interactions.

Video 3: Dr. Judith Wright: “The Heart of the Fight”--Talks at Google

Description: In this talk at Google, Dr. Judith Wright, a relational expert, discusses the root of relational conflicts in relationships. Ultimately, she argues that conflict can strengthen rather than harm relationships. After viewing this lecture, think about whether you agree or disagree with her scholarly perspective.

Video 4: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--The Gottman Institute

Description: Gottman’s four horsemen of the apocalypse are discussed in Chapter 11. To distinguish among the four, watch this video provided by the Gottman Institute. Have you ever experienced this conflict pattern? If so, how did it impact your relationship?