Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Family Voices in Juvenile Justice
Description: This video gives voice to litigants and their families’ concerns and provides answers to some common questions: Who are the key people I may meet? Am I expected to appear in court with my child? What's going to happen to my child? What can I do as a family member to help?

Video 2: The Real Effects of Single-Parent Households
Description: Stephanie isn't in denial, the stats for single parents and child with single parents are pretty grim. Stephanie shares her story of overcoming those odds.

Audio 1: Foster Kids Face Tough Times After Age 18
Description: This discusses the obstacles and the challenges that foster kids face after they age out of the system.

Audio 2: Beyond 'Good' Vs. 'Bad' Touch: 4 Lessons to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
Description: This discusses some tactics to help prevent child sexual abuse.

Web 1: Family Life and Delinquency and Crime
Description: A policymakers’ guide to the literature.

Web 2: When Crime is a Family Affair
Description: This article discusses the intergenerational transmission of violence.