Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Why Smart Statistics Are the Key to Fighting Crime
Description: Anne Milgram discusses her inspirational quest to bring data analytics and statistical analysis to the U.S. criminal justice system.

Video 2: Why Can't Anyone Agree on the Crime Rate
Description: Shirin Ghaffary looks into why the crime rate in America can be such a confusing, and often misleading, topic to read and write about.

Audio 1: Juvenile Incarceration Rates Are Down; Racial Disparities Rise
Description: More young women are being detained, in part, because of truancy, inability to get along with their families, and finding the wrong crowd, even the wrong boyfriends.

Audio 2: For Juvenile Sex Offenders, State Registries Create Lifetime of Problems
Description: A great NPR article that can allow us to think about statistics that can be misleading.

Web 1: EZAUCR - FBI Arrest Statistics
Description: A website that provides juvenile crime stats for FBI stats.

Web 2:
Description: The official website for the UCR program.