Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Solving the Youth Crime ‘Problem'
Description: This talk traces the evolution of youth crime into a phenomenon persistently misrepresented as an escalating social epidemic.

Video 2: Juvenile Court Documentary
Description: It is an excellent video that reviews the history of juvenile courts and applies current findings with discussions from key professors, people working in the system, and overall a very well-done review.

Audio 1: Questions Raised About Rehabilitating Juveniles
Description: Ed Gordon looks at rehabilitation programs for troubled teens.

Audio 2: Former Juvenile Offender Applauds High Court
Description: The Supreme Court ruled that juvenile offenders may not be given mandatory life sentences without the chance of parole, unless they committed murder. Guest host Alison Keyes speaks with a former juvenile offender, and now an award-winning author, R. Dwayne Betts, for his thoughts on the ruling.

Web 1: Juvenile Treatment Interventions
Description: This website provides an overview of the core treatment interventions for juveniles.

Web 2: Parens Patriae Doctrine
Description: The Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute provides the definition of the doctrine.