Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Strain Theory
Description: This is a fun 1-min clip that attempts to demonstrate strain theory.

Video 2: The Real Roots of Youth Violence
Description: Craig shares his experience in engaging disaffected and violent youth, going beyond systems to find the root causes.

Audio 1: How a Theory of Crime and Policing Was Born, and Went Terribly Wrong
Description: This report covers an extensive discussion of the broken windows theory.

Audio 2: Chicago's Schools, Police Work to Stem Violence
Description: This specifically focuses on Chicago and would be excellent for application of social disorganization theory.

Web 1: Deviance and Strain Theory in Sociology
Description: This is an overview of Robert Merton’s theory of deviance.

Web 2: Study Links Childhood Poverty to Violent Crime and Self-Harm
Description: A new study shows that children growing up in poverty are seven times more likely to harm themselves and be involved in violent crimes as young adults.