Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: What a World Without Prisons Could Look Like
Description: Deanna Van Buren designs restorative justice centers that, instead of taking the punitive approach used by a system focused on mass incarceration, treat crime as a breach of relationships and justice as a process where all stakeholders come together to repair that breach.

Video 2: Help for Kids the Education System Ignores
Description: Victor Rios identifies three straightforward strategies to shift attitudes in education and calls for fellow educators to see "at-risk" students as "at-promise" individuals brimming with resilience, character, and grit.

Audio 1: 'Burning Down the House' Makes the Case Against Juvenile Incarceration
Description: Burning Down the House makes the case against juvenile incarceration and provides discussion about other possible options available.

Audio 2: Charging Youths as Adults Can Be a 'Cruel Wake-Up Call.' Is There Another Way?
Description: This covers some reform options concerning juvenile corrections.

Web 1: The Power of Restorative Justice in the Classroom
Description: A public charter school in an impoverished New Orleans district has transformed education by changing its approach to student discipline.

Web 2: Models for Change
Description: The official website for the Models for Change program.