Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: What I learned as a Kid in Jail
Description: Nazario tells his chilling story and suggests ways to help, rather than harm, teens in jail.

Video 2: Inside Juvenile Detention
Description: In Virginia, the state’s juvenile detention system has been shrinking for years. Now, there’s just one facility left: Bon Air

Audio 1: In Pittsburgh, Juvenile Offenders at the Local Jail Go Back to School, Too
Description: All across the country, students are returning to school, and in Pittsburgh, that includes youth housed at the Allegheny County Jail. The jail runs a full high school for juveniles charged as adults.

Audio 2: When Juveniles Are Held in Adult Jails
Description: Jimmy Jenkins reports from Arizona, where juveniles are often held in jail for months--and sometimes years--while they await a trial.

Web 1: Dysfunction at Juvenile Detention Centers is Bigger Than Pepper Spray, L.A. County Report Says
Description: Life inside Los Angeles County’s juvenile detention centers can be menacing for the hundreds of young people locked up there--and for the guards who oversee them.

Web 2: Adapt Youth Prisons for Maximum Education, Not Maximum Security
Description: Juvenile facilities weren’t made to educate--they were made to imprison. How bad are they? We explore stories of former inmates to find out.