Study Questions

1. Almost every day it seems there is a news story that demonstrates the difference between “law on the books” and “law in action.” Can you think of recent examples from the news that demonstrate this distinction?

2. In the ideal version of the judicial system, politics and law does not mix. Is this ideal achievable?  Explain.

3. Symbols are an important part of the judicial system. Identify five symbols of the courts and explain their significance.

2. Identify and explain the three major functions of courts.

3. How do trial courts differ from appellate courts?

4. What are the key elements of a common law system? A civil law system?

5. Of the types of jurisprudence identified in this chapter, with which do you most agree? Why?

6. What are the major types of law? Can you think of examples of each?

7. Discuss the court’s power of Constitutional Review as it applies to the United States and other countries.