Video and Multimedia

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Different Types of Graph
Description: This video clip discusses bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and histogram. It also discusses when to use each of the data displays.

How to Spot a Misleading Graph
Description: This TED-Ed clip shows the graphs can be used to communicate misleading information, such as by distorting scales and omitting important data.

Importance of Data Presentation
Description: This TED talk from February 2006 by Hans Rosling called “The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen” shows how visualization of simple descriptive statistics can communicate clear and powerful message. It is close to 20 min, but the talk is engaging, and it is one of the most widely watched talks on TED.

The Art of Data Visualization
Description: This clip created by PBS is a collection of respected scholars of data presentation talking about the roles data visualization has played over the years and in current political climate.


Visualization Techniques to Communicate Data
Description: This page by Online Behavior discusses how several different types of graphs can be used to communicate data.