Video and Multimedia

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Parametric Versus Nonparametric statistical tests
Description: This video clip compares the parametric and nonparametric statistical tests. Although the clip talks about some of the statistical tests not covered in the class, it does a great job comparing the assumptions of each test and how to choose the correct statistical test.

Chi-Squared Test
Description: This video clip, although slighter longer, describes the formula of the \chi ^{2} and shows how to calculate the \chi ^{2}  statistics to test your hypothesis.

Halloween Movie Analysis
Description: This web page from Minitab Blog conducts a \chi ^{2} test to test whether there is a connection between your gender and your dying in some horrible manner (taking data from Halloween movies).

Example of Chi-Square with M&M’s
Description: This web page from ThoughtCo walks through an example of \chi ^{2} using a standard package of milk chocolate M&M’s to answer whether all six colors occur in equal proportion.