SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1: Stephens, N. M., Townsend, S. S. M., Hamedani, M. G., Destin, M., & Manzo, V. (2015). A difference-education intervention equips first-generation college students to thrive in the face of stressful college situationsPsychological Science, 26, 1556–1566.
Summary: These authors tested the effectiveness of a social-class intervention at the start of college on the students’ connection with their background in the context of coping during their first two years of college. Results indicated that participation in the intervention led to higher physiological coping responses at later testing for first-generation college students.

Article 2: Punam, A. L., Sunghasettee, V. W., & Roediger, H. L. III. (2017). When misinformation improves memory: The effects of recollecting change. Psychological Science, 28, 36–46.
Summary: Two experiments used the misinformation paradigm to test the effect of noticing the change in information in the misinformation narrative on later recognition of the original event. Results showed that recognition can be improved after misinformation if people notice and remember the change in the information.

Article 3: Li, Y., Johnson, E. J., & Zaval, L. (2011). Local warming: Daily temperature change influences belief in global warmingPsychological Science, 22, 454–459.
Summary: Using a short survey, the researchers tested the relationship between daily temperature changes and attitudes about global warming. These results showed that people who reported the weather that day was warmer than usual also had stronger beliefs in global warming and donated more money to a global-warming charity.