Video and Multimedia

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Introduction to One-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA
Description: This video clip works through an example of one-way repeated measures ANOVA and how to calculate the F ratios associated with the statistics.

Conducing One-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA Using SPSS
Description: This video clip is a tutorial of how to conduct one-way repeated measures ANOVA using SPSS. There are multiple parts (each clip is approximately 5 min), but Part 1 describes the steps to conducting the statistical test. The subsequent parts go into the interpretation of the SPSS output.


Traffic Design Evaluation Methods
Description: This web page by U.S. Department of Transportation demonstrates how within-subjects and between-subjects designs can be used to answer important questions of traffic safety. “Step 4: Planning Designs” section is directly relevant to within-subjects designs.

Post Hoc Test Calculator
Description: This web page allows students to easily calculate the post hoc tests for repeated measures ANOVA.