SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1: Roediger, H. L., III, & Karpicke, J. D. (2006). Test-enhanced learning: Taking memory tests improves long-term retentionPsychological Science, 17, 249–255.
Summary: These authors conducted a study to investigate the effectiveness of rereading information and recalling information on later memory for the information. The results showed that for delays longer than a few minutes, recalling information results in better memory for the information than rereading the information for the same amount of time.

Article 2: Gasiorowska, A., Chaplin, L. N., Zaleskiewicz, T., Wygrab, S., & Vohs, K. D. (2016). Money cues increase agency and decrease prosociality among children: Early signs of market-mode behaviorsPsychological Science, 27, 331–344.
Summary: This study examined the effects of communal and market modes of relating to others on performance and prosocial behaviors in 3-6 year-old children. Results showed that handling money primed a market mode and led to increased effort and lower prosocial behavior.

Article 3: O’Brien, F., Bible, J., Liu, D., & Simons-Morton, B. G. (2017). Do young drivers become safer after being involved in a collisionPsychological Science, 28, 407–413.
Summary: The study investigated teen driving behaviors to test whether risky driving performance decreases after teens are involved in a collision. Results showed that risky driving does decrease after being involved in a crash, but may not be a permanent effect.