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Article 1: May, K., & Hittner, J. B. (2012). Effect of correlation on power in within-subjects versus between-subjects designs. Comprehensive Psychology, 1. doi:10.2466/03.IT.1.3
Summary: This article demonstrates relative power as a function of (1) the correlation between groups with effect size and sample size held constant and (2) sample size with the correlation between groups and effect size held constant.

Article 2: Algina, J., & Olejnik, S. (2003). Conducting power analyses for ANOVA and ANCOVA in between-subjects designs. Evaluation & the Health Professions, 26, 288–314. doi:10.1177/0163278703255248
Summary: The authors present methods for conducting power analyses along with a discussion of these issues, and they make available SAS programs that can be used to implement the power analyses that are discussed.