Video and Multimedia

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Dangers of Probability
Learning Objective: 3-1: What role does probability play in selecting a sample and the results obtained from the sample?
Description: This TED talk from July 2005 by Peter Donnelly explains how dangerous it could be to misunderstand probability. It is a 20-min presentation and it is all about probability.

Sampling Techniques
Learning Objective: 3-2: What are the different ways we can sample from a population?
Description: This clip describes different sampling techniques.

Sampling Distribution
Learning Objective: 3-3: What is the distribution of sample means?
Description: This describes and surveys some of the major statistical tests, as well as underscores the importance of the central limit theorem using a song and cartoon to the tune of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers.

Sampling Distribution Demonstration
Learning Objective: 3-3: What is the distribution of sample means?
Description: This online applet illustrates the sampling distribution of the mean.

Confidence Interval Demonstration
Learning Objective: 3-4: How accurately can we estimate the population values from a sample?
Description: This applet allows the students to estimate the proportion of orange balls in a large jar using the concepts of sampling distribution and confidence intervals.