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Article 1: Macchi Cassia, V., Turati, C., & Simion, F. (2004). Can a nonspecific bias toward top-heavy patterns explain newborns’ face preference? Psychological Science, 15, 379–383.
Summary: The researchers were interested in examining the causes of previous findings showing that newborns prefer faces compared with other stimuli. The results suggested that infants’ preference for faces is not based on a special status for faces as a visual stimulus.

Article 2: Corbett, J. (2017). The whole warps the sum of its parts: Gestalt-defined-group mean size biases memory for individual objectsPsychological Science, 28, 12–22.
Summary: This study showed how grouping of objects with Gestalt principles affects perception of and memory for the objects.

Article 3: Weiss, A., Staes, N., Pereboom, J. J. M., Inoue-Murayama, M., Stevens, J. M. G., & Eens, M. (2015). Personality in BonobosPsychological Science, 26, 1430–1439.
Summary: Personality factors were observed in bonobos. The ratings were similar to those found in chimpanzees.