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Article 1: Nyaga, V. N., Aerts, M., & Arbyn, M. (2016). ANOVA model for network meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy data. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 96228021666918. doi:10.1177/0962280216669182
Summary: Procedures combining and summarizing direct and indirect evidence from independent studies assessing the diagnostic accuracy of different tests for the same disease are referred to network meta-analysis.

Article 2: Stephens, R., & Nte, S. (2009). Development and evaluation of an interactive visual workspace to aid the intuitive understanding of ANOVA. Psychology Learning & Teaching, 8, 14–20. doi:10.2304/plat.2009.8.1.14
Summary: This report describes the development and evaluation of a Java-based interactive visual workspace, with accompanying tutorials, to help psychology undergraduates acquire an intuitive understanding of analysis of variance (ANOVA).

Article 3: Thomas, D. R., & Zumbo, B. D. (2012). Difference scores from the point of view of reliability and repeated-measures ANOVA: In defense of difference scores for data analysis. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 72, 37–43. doi:10.1177/0013164411409929
Summary: In this article, the authors examine difference scores from the point of view of reliability and repeated-measures ANOVA.