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Mean, Median and Mode
Description: This video describes mean, median, and mode to the tune of American Idiot by Green Day.

Best Measure of Central Tendency
Description: This video describes how to pick the best measure of central tendency for different distributions.

How Understanding Mean May Help You
Description: This is a clip from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? television show, which asked the question that relates to an average (0–1:20).

How Descriptive Statistics Can Be Misleading
Description: This TEDx talk, published on November 2016 by Sanne Blauw, is called “How to defend yourself against misleading statistics in the news.” Numbers are used to convince, explain, but also to deflect from what is truly happening. Too often, numbers appear as abstract, objective and difficult. This talk helps to educate people to think critically about statistics.

Descriptive Statistics
Description: This page by Investopedia explains what descriptive statistics can tell about the data. There is a short video associated with this link that explains descriptive statistics.