Learning Objectives

  1. Summarize the population characteristics of all Asian Americans and the 10 largest Asian American groups.


  2. Summarize and explain the history of Chinese and Japanese Americans, including their cultural characteristics, their immigration patterns, their development in the United States, and the nature and importance of the enclave for each.


  3. Explain the patterns of the recent immigration from Asia.


  4. Summarize how prejudice and discrimination affect Asian Americans.


  5. Describe the situation of Asian Americans using the concepts of assimilation and pluralism, especially in terms of 

    • acculturation,

    • secondary structural assimilation, and

    • primary structural assimilation


  6. Assess the overall situation of Asian Americans today based on the concepts and information presented in this chapter, and assess the idea that Asian Americans are a “model minority.” Are Asian Americans “whitening,” “blackening,” or becoming “honorary whites”?