SAGE Journal Articles

Reference Articles

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Journal Articles

Wolfram, H. & Gratton, L. (2014). Gender Role Self-Concept, Categorical Gender, and Transactional-Transformational Leadership: Implications for Perceived Workgroup Performance. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 21(4), 338-353.

This study aims to address the roles of female managers in leadership roles. Findings show that gender roles are fundamental to advantages in the workplace.

Questions to Consider:
  1. How do gender roles affect perceived success of managers according to gender? Is there any effect on success by gender?
  2. What leadership roles were studied? Explain and provide examples from the article.


Hengstebeck, N.D., Helms, H.M. & Rodriguez, Y. (2014). Spouses’ Gender Role Attitudes, Wives’ Employment Status, and Mexican-Origin Husbands’ Marital Satisfaction. Journal of Family Issues, 36(1), 111-132.

This work examines the gender roles of wives’ examined according to employment status. Husbands’ views on marital satisfaction are examined.

Questions to Consider:
  1. What are the articles main arguments? Consider research questions and hypothesis/es.
  2. How do the findings of the article speak about gender roles and marital satisfaction? Provide examples that support your answer.