Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the two themes stated at the beginning of the chapter.


  2. Explain the political, economic, and social forces that led to the creation of slavery in British America.


  3. Explain the importance of the contact situation and the relevance of the Noel and Blauner hypotheses for the development of slavery in colonial America.


  4. Apply the concepts of paternalism, power, inequality,discrimination, prejudice and racism, and assimilation to the American system of slavery.


  5. Explain the dynamics of gender relations under American slavery.


  6. Apply the Noel and Blauner hypotheses and other concepts to the creation of minority-group status for American Indians and Mexican Americans.


  7. Compare and contrast the three contact situations analyzed in this chapter. How do they differ? What are the implications of these different contact situations for relations in the present?