Study Questions

  • A corollary to two themes from Chapter 4 is presented at the beginning of Chapter 5. How exactly does the material in this chapter illustrate the usefulness of this corollary?

  • Explain paternalistic and rigid competitive relations and link them to industrialization. How does the shift from slavery to de jure segregation illustrate the dynamics of these two systems?

  • What was the “Great Migration” to the North? How did it change American race relations?

  • Explain the transition from rigid competitive to fluid competitive relations and explain how this transition is related to the coming of postindustrial society. Explain the roles of urbanization, bureaucracy, the service sector of the job market, and education in this transition.

  • What is modern institutional discrimination? How does it differ from “traditional” institutional discrimination? Explain the role of affirmative action in combating each.

  • What efforts have been made on your campus to combat modern institutional discrimination? How effective have these programs been?