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Women's Rights: Are violence and discrimination against women declining? 

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Bandopadhyaya, J. (1977). Racism and International Relations. Alternatives: Global, Local, Political, 3(1), 19-48.

This study focuses on racism based on colour as a factor in international relations. The premise of this work is that “Neither the ‘class theory’ nor the ‘caste theory’ explains the social stratification represented by contemporary colour racism; it must be regarded as an independent sociological category.” (2)

Questions to Consider:
  1. How is racism operationalized? Does it differ from how American race is understood.
  2. Class and Caste systems are not really discussed in the U.S. How would these concepts be understood if applied to American inequality?


Gobodo, P. (1990). Notions about Culture in Understanding Black Psychopathology: Are We Trying to Raise the Dead? South African Journal of Psychology, 20(2), 93-98.

This project examines the various mental health settings in South Africa have to deal with patients from black population groups. The author further proposes that such assumptions have race and class implications in that they reflect antiquated racial and class attitudes.

Questions to Consider:
  1. Considering the nation where this project is based? What if anything surprises you of the target population and the arguments surrounding the choice in target population.
  2. Is the target population a minority group? Explain.