Internet Research Projects


  • Select two of the dominant-minority situations covered in this chapter or mentioned in the “Analyzing Concepts” exercise
  • For each situation, conduct an Internet search to answer these questions:


  1. Has the situation gotten better or worse since this text was published?

  2. What factors seem to be most responsible for recent changes?

  3. For each situation, try to assess the continuing relevance of the concepts applied in this chapter and throughout the text, including

    • The contact situation

    • Colonization vs immigration

    • Subsistence technology

    • Assimilation vs Pluralism

    • Prejudice, discrimination, ideological racism, and institutional discrimination

  4. Write a short essay summarizing your findings.


Optional Group Discussion: Bring the information on your groups to class and compare with the information collected by others. Consider the question above and the chapter and develop some ideas about why the situations your group has addressed have progressed as they have.