Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Video 1: Our Voices Are Rarely Heard

Description: In this video, inmates housed in supermax Pelican Bay State Prison are interviewed about their experiences, including solitary confinement.

Video 2: Differences Between Street and Prison Gangs

Description: The correctional training video describes how the two types of gangs are different.

Audio Links

Audio 1: The Roots of ‘Black and Gray Realism’ Tattoos

Description: This NPR clip discusses the rise of a particular tattoo style that originated in California prisons.

Audio 2: Inside Lewisburg Prison: A Choice Between a Violent Cellmate or Shackles

Description: This audio file describes how inmates sometimes need to decide whether to take their chances when sharing a cell with a violent inmate in solitary confinement or spending their time in shackles.

Web Resources

Web 1: Prison Culture: Are You a Convict or an Inmate?

Description: This webpage describes the convict culture from an inmate’s perspective.

Web 2: ‘Warped and Misguided’ Jail Culture Led to Fatal Fight Between Cellmate Friends, B.C. Judge Says

Description: The violent inmate culture is described in a jail setting in Canada.